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epoxy resin inlay
The Long Grazing Table
Urban reclaimed eco friendly table

in store now Reclaimed urban table made from salvaged 1940s Brighton home, the metal legs were saved from the Philip Island pier, they served as a secure handrail before being reworked as the base legs for this beauty. measurements 1.9 x1m $1900

Urban Farmhouse Dining Table

measurements are 75 cm tall 145cm long 85cm wide Urban style hand painted farmhouse table. $499

Epoxy Resin Artist Coffee Table

Epoxy resin Artist coffee table. Heavy, one of a kind unique coffee table created by local artist. This is art presented in a quirky way , $499

Reclaimed Farmhouse table

Old pIne farmhouse table given a makeover inspired by French Country style.

Custom Made Epoxy Table

Made to size request colour form and work with the artist to create a unique dining table.

Rustic Resin Dining Table

Rustic Resin dining table seats 6 to 8 people. One of a kind, using reclaimed hardwood clamped for some time and then drenched in layers of epoxy resin. Matt finish

Chippendale re loved

Chippendale style dining table , with two tone effect .$299

Stainless steel extra long bar

Stainless Steel top Over 3m long ideal for a commercial space. $499

Round Entry Table Hand Painted

Handpainted round entrance table $399

The cart and the coffee table

ONLY ONE IN STORE NOW The cart and the coffee table , chunky hardwood slab, with natural raw clear coat finish on top, Wheels are commercial grade and take weight up to half a ton. 1m x60cm $995

Oval vintage table with epoxy

Oval vintage dining table salvaged and drenched in pigmented epoxy resin.

Oregon Reclaimed wood dining table

IN STORE NOW Handcrafted oregon top, brushed stainless steel cross legs, Made in Melbourne, created using only salvaged materials. Seats 6 people. Measurements are 98cm x 2m X 76 cm high

Oversized rustic oak table

SOLD OUT Measurements 2480x1100 Oversized rustic oak dining table, seats 8 people, warm choc stain, heavy and built to last handcrafted in Melbourne. $1800

Authentic farmhouse table


Mid century dining table

Affordable midcentury dining table, the shape is on point. $99

Restored farmhouse high gloss

INSTORE NOW Restored vintage four seater dining table, high gloss top contrasted over matt black legs. Two tone industrial feel, makes this the ideal work from home desk. 1.2 x70cm $599

White wash Hamptons Table

White wash hamptons style dining table $1200 1.8 m x 1m

Whimsical epoxy resin table

Sold Ask us how we can create a dining table just as unique for your space.

Epoxy resin log coffee table

Large epoxy resin coated log coffee table on wheels one of a kind. $895

Butchers block

INSTORE NOW ONLY $550 Handcrafted ingrain butchers block on industrial wheels, made from oak and metal. $1500

Parquet French farmhouse

French Farmhouse oak dining table. Seats 6 to 8 , solid european oak.

Rustic Epoxy Grand table

Sold Out.

Victorian Ash coffee table

Victorian ash coffee table drenched in epoxy resin, high gloss 28 kg 30cm high 40 cm circ

Trestle table desk

SOLD OUT 2021, 2.1 X 80CM Trestle table style but with a twist, this is a great narrow dining table ideal for those needing space , it makes the ultimate work from home desk, engineered oak boards on top.

Rustic up cycled draw table

Rustic carpenters table with repurposed crates as drawers. Authentic vintage crates used, ideal in any creative workspace, $1850

Resin Emerald side table

Resin top in emerald green over wooden hair pin legs $129 measurements 30cm x40cm

Raw edge oversized table

Raw edge oversized table seats 12 people, epoxy resin high gloss top. $8450

The custom built live edge table

custom built to size , live edge metal base recycled materials 4 week turnaround

Curated spaces table

1.2 x 1 m Marble base , glass top, ideal in an elaborate entry way, home office , or any space. $249

Farmhouse delight

Farmhouse delight , oversized custom made table over your choice of legs. $1200 without the legs.

Outdoor indoor reclaimed table

Ideal in the outdoors, perfect for the indoor dining table. Handcrafted in Melbourne from recycled wood from a North Melbourne Factory. Hardwood and heavy, coated in epoxy resin. Seats 4 to 6 people. $1900

Stainless steel drink trolley

Stainless Steel drink trolley salvaged from a Hawthorn Hospital, reclaimed wood shelves added for rustic appeal (they are removable) $199

Industrial grey tone dining table

Industrial grey tone dining table, reclaimed oak boards. 70cm by 1.6 $750

Farnhouseblack dining

Farmhouse oak restored black rustic legs with a draw . 2.8 meters long 1 meter wide. The ideal dining table for a large family.

Industrial detail

Industrial accents added to achieve the industrial look.

Breakfast bar

Ideal for commercial premises, oak top high gloss metal legs with industrial accents. $1250

secret storage industrial table

Opens up to a secret storage compartment ideal for kitchen, or creative work space. Metal Legs, oak table top. one of a kind $499

Custom made table tops

Made to measure custom made bench tops and table tops. Made from european oak parquetry.

Classic Parquetry table

Cafe table made to order for a commercial premises. $399

50'S STYLE oak foursome

Seats four people, metal retro legs rustic parquet table top. $399

Home Office table

Made from salvaged walnut table and reclaimed timbers. One of a kind unique desk or dining table $599. Built to last.

Versatile oak table

Ideal for the couple first time moving out, great to use as a study desk. Sustainable oak top made from european boards. Metal legs from the 60's era. $249

reclaimed coffee table

Hand Made using 1950's reclaimed timber, rustic versatile piece could be used as a bench seat or coffee table.

hard wood chevron and granite

Amazing, solid, built to last. Handcrafted by a melbourne artist over a period of three years. Materials were all collected via eco friendly methods using salvaged granite and marble, and reclaimed hard wood collected from artists home town, Yarra Junction. $2900

creative bench style  dining

Long and narrow 70cm by 2m seats 7 people, ideal in a commercial premises under a window matched back with some short style bar seats. $599

Raw three tone deco table

Three different tones of colour with a rustic edge over this old art deco table creates a dining table thats easy to style back with any interior. $399

Rustic coffee table

Made from reclaimed timber from over 90 years ago , restored and placed over modern legs. $399

Parquet Dining table


custom made only

Custom made large dining table handcrafted from oak flooring. Prices start from $1100

Granite and oak island

Created by local furniture artist using discarded granite and marble and european oak. $599

european oak table

$5900 over 3 meters long A rare piece of solid oak the ultimate piece for a large space. This would be ideal as the perfect board room table, dining table, or for a creative workspace.

eclectic extendable
european oak

European oak over 3 meters in length, extremely rare handcrafted by english artisan. $6800

Trestle table

Trestle Table oak boards various tones white vintage edge $399

custom made eco


creative table from oak boards

High gloss made from reclaimed oak floor boards on metal framed legs. $499

Creative work table

Creative work table with royal blue metal industrial legs. Thick bench top made up of three oaken in hard wood. It has a unique second shelf just above your legs made from a reclaimed plantation shutter, ideal for paper work or stationary. 2.5 meters long. $750

Oak trestle

Oak slab made from floor boards, stained to artist signature colour, or to your liking. $599

Out door reclaimed pieces


apartment table

The ideal table for an apartment seats two people made from salvaged materials and reclaimed timber $199

out door oak shade table


reclaimed board table

Made from salvaged oak floor boards, stained to what ever shade you prefer book an appointment with the eco factory colour specialist. Prices start from $350

Industrial oak table

Rustic Industrial handcrafted table or desk $450

black and white rustic


the eco factory lime treat

Original 1960s metal factory table. coated with high gloss durable topcoat. $899.00

Original farm house table

pre-loverd solid oak table, used also as a desk adds character to to the home office $290

trestle table


black and white rustic table

stained black timber top. White rustic legs with all the appropriate flaws. $350

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