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The creation of a table

Can I pick Joe read THE brief :

TO Match back and compliment two rows of vintage theatrical fold down chairs.

THE vibe The MOOD

A free-spirited aesthetic rooted by culture mix and global influence,

eclectic , not for the boring or ordinary.

a mix of industrial , rustic style carefree layers of patterns and shapes . Rich jewel tones, and blue hues.

A smooth, polished finish on top.

Fabrics and Materials

-Epoxy resin pour : no two pours are the same

-coloured with pigment

-industrial wheels ,

-metal base( to be custom Placed for access to seating. )

approx estimate $1600 $70 for delivery and installation to your home .

3 weeks turnaround time from date of the deposit.


The table base is temporary, as we wait the arrival of the cross legs.

Epoxy resin pour

We recently took delivery of these theatre chairs very similar to the ones that will be used with the table. I am able to place these around the table to test if the table is going to be an accurate fit before we install and deliver the table to the customers home.

The cross beam legs made from metal that i intended to use obstruct the row of chairs from getting close enough to the table to use.

The table must have legs placed as close to the center of the table as possible, whilst still being able to prevent the table from tipping over.

Still not placed correctly , I need them to be more Center,

-they are made of metal ✅ and have attached industrial wheels with brakes. ✅


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