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Repurposed with a purpose...

there is a certain “ inspired wow “ feeling i get when I see something repurposed. I love the thought of giving an item a chance to be re-born , and now to serve another purpose.

Most of the time with a quirky twist.

I try to find items that have a soul, or a certain feel to them, most of them time i can imagine several different new uses for a piece. But we can’t do it all .... or can we ?

My favourite below is an old 1960s vacum cleaner base , made from metal with a great colour combo.

Old tyre in to a planter, with handles.

A kind of whimsical style ! A Vintage kitchen overhead cupboard , now a coffee table on wheels , with storage section.

A stack of crates and wooden boxes to make a butchers block or kitchen island.

Salvaged from a scrap metal bin , an old machine broken up, this circular piece of metal placed over an old wooden mirror. The mustard colour is what first caught my eye.

The shutter door wall , ..create a feature wall with impact ! I am intreiged by the amount of detail and handcrafted work involved to create a shutter door .

I really do try to save them all .


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