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Introducing The Eco Factory

One year after setting up "The Eco Factory" i thought it must be time to introduce myself and the factory to the bloggers world. My name is Christine Draper my partner Jeremy Townsend are two creative souls that have created a space where we can showcase, our creations, relaease our artistic urges and hopefully inspire others to do the same . We are long time collectors and try to see the beauty and perhaps usefullness in old things that most people would just throw away.

The factory is located in the industrial estate in the backstreets of the "up and coming"Sunshine North. Open every Saturday to the public from 10 to 5 and most Sundays 12-3 but feel free to come past during the week, call to arrange and appointment. (0411 737 977)

The Eco Factory was born in September 2014 and has been an everchanging setting filled with re worked second hand furniture, pre loved chests of drawers and cabinets, upcycled planter boxes and of course the loads of original art that adorn the concrete walls. The "Eco" aspect of the factory; well we create out art and floor stock from items which already exist. I hope to use this BLOG to inspire and catalogue the everchanging creative platform The eco factory.

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